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Stephanie Peacock, DC

Dr. Stephanie Peacock is a certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach. Her life’s mission is to create sustainable ways for her clients to incorporate plant centric eating to fit their goals. As a former elite athlete, she understands the fundamentals of fueling the body to perform optimally. She is also a licensed chiropractor located in beautiful Dana Point, California. She delivers mobile services straight to your home.

Food is information on the cellular level

As an elite athlete, I was unaware of the power of plant-based nutrition. Now, I have made it my purpose to bring awareness to the topic. Improve your athletic potential further than you thought possible.

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Health Coaching

1-on-1 nutrition mentoring, meal plans, and non-toxic living to allow you to be your highest self.

Athletic Coaching

1-on-1 nutrition mentoring to allow you to perform at your best. This includes meal plans, and macronutrient specific goals.


3 to 5 day water fasting or fasting mimicking diet to allow for reset and autophagy.

Mobile Chiropractic

Delivering comprehensive assessment, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue therapy (ART) to your home.

What people say


I first saw Dr Peacock on chef AJ. I hired Dr P to help me gain weight, as the vegan diet was new to me and I was lost. She taught me about making sure to include in each meal some fat, carbs, and protein. All these together help with weight gain while maintain healthy levels of blood sugars through the fiber content in foods. Dr P also taught me, through personal training at the gym, how to properly lift weights for muscle gain. She emphasized that a calorie surplus is necessary in order to gain weight and build muscle. I’ve learned a lot from Dr P., things like purity tested foods, the Berkey filter for my water, and organic materials when buying towels/sheets. I’ve been able to gain weight with her teachings and know exactly what is needed for maintenance. Oh, and her recipe for sweet potato soybean curry soup is yummy!

Liza Fernandez

She helped me understand why the pain in my arm from an injury was so persistent and worked on the origin of the problem–my scapula/back. Her work began the healing and thankfully, my arm has recovered.

Wendy Williams

She was kind, knowledgeable and intuitive. I felt wonderful when I left! Terrific hands! I highly recommend her!!
Thank you Dr. Peacock!!

Norma Morissey

If I could give Dr. Peacock 10 plus stars, I would. I have been to many chiropractors around the world and she is by far the best! I have never had anyone help me with my neck and jaw issues and give me so much relief.I have referred quite a few people and they all sang her praises. Book an appointment, you will not be disappointed!

Carol Deliso

I highly recommend Dr. Peacock for her knowledge, and her wonderful caring disposition.

Cheryl Buck

Dr. Peacock is an amazing chiropractor. I injured my wrist and had back pain. Her ART and chiropractic skills are phenomenal and helped me tremendously. On top of all that, she is a wonderful caring human being, very smart with a warm pleasant personality.

Lin Dan Zhu

Dr. Peacock is an incredible practitioner and healer. I had the opportunity to see her twice when I was in the area and she helped me tremendously. She is fully present, listens, is kind and compassionate. Lovely.

Karen Stewart

Dr. Peacock treated my head and neck aches in August of 2020. To date, I am totally headache free and I have full rotation of my neck. If you are lucky enough to book an appointment, then I guarantee that you are very blessed. She is lovely, kind and very knowledgeable!

Barbara Pounders

Dr Peacock is my favorite chiro ever. (And with my chronic neck problems, that’s saying a lot!) Well worth traveling to and I will. She sets a new bar in chiro treatment, really.

Amy Daugherty

I saw Dr. Peacock several times to address longstanding back and shoulder pain. Her active release therapy (ART) sessions worked amazingly, and fixed my issues after living with pain for several years. I don’t know what I would have done without her expertise. She has such an amazing personality and puts you at ease as soon as you talk to her.

Chris Rhule

Dr. Peacock is a marvel. In two short sessions she eliminated pain I had for years. She is smart, holistic, funny, and very easy to be around. An intuitive healer I highly recommend.

Holly Sorensen

Dr. Peacock is a caring and extremely knowledgeable doctor. I saw her to treat the acute phase of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), which is a very painful condition. Her approach was thoughtful and gentle and I experienced immediate relief and increased range of motion after just the first treatment. She also the only chiropractor I have felt comfortable performing cervical adjustments on me. Highly recommend!

Rie Schur




Learn strategies to fuel your body optimally using a plant-based diet while performing at a high level. Maximize recovery and perform better.
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So you've decided to adopt a plant based diet, what next? Learn how to choose foods that best fit your lifestyle.
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Learn how to grow micro greens from start to finish. Empower yourself to grow nutrient rich superfoods at home.
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Writing recipes, not prescriptions

Stephanie Peacock, DC