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Former elite athlete turned doctor

Dr. Peacock is a chiropractor and health coach located in Orange County, California. Her passion is educating her patients how to live their most optimal life with nutrition and low toxin living. She advocates for a plant based diet which will decrease inflammation in the body, and allow us to function at our highest self. Stephanie helps her clients achieve the optimal plant based diet for them, whether their goal is to lose weight, gain energy, or perform as a plant based athlete. 
Stephanie was a competitive swimmer for 16 years, and this developed her advocacy for a healthy lifestyle. Her career as a swimmer really accelerated when she attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She won a national championship in 2012 in the 1650yd freestyle, and broke the longest standing record in the NCAA books. She won multiple Atlantic Coast Conference titles throughout her college career.

 A few other other accomplishments worth noting:

  • 2 x US Open Gold Medalist and record holder
  • 4 year US National Team Member
  • 3 x World University Games gold medalist and record holder
  • 2016 US Olympic Team Alternate in the 800m freestyle
  • Multiple top 10 fastest historical swims
As a swimmer, she had never heard of a plant based diet, and how it can decrease inflammation to aid muscle recovery. Her goal is to not only help people prevent their risk of chronic disease through diet, but also perform and recover at their best through this lifestyle modifications.
After her swimming career, Stephanie attended Southern California University of Health Sciences and graduated with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. She then did her residency at TrueNorth Health Center, specifically learning how to prevent and reverse lifestyle diseases with nutrition, movement, and lifestyle modifications. While at TrueNorth Health Center, she supervised water fasting patients, allowing her to now remotely work with patients using Prolon FMD.
Read more about the benefits of fasting here.
Dr. Peacock achieved her certificate in plant based nutrition through Cornell University, learning about disease and inflammation patterns and how these can be reversed/prevented through diet. 
She now does one-on-one virtual coaching, helping clients all over the world achieve their most optimal plant based diet. She helps clients with a variety of goals, and creates individualized meal plans for each of them. 
Her chiropractic work involves virtual rehabilitation work as well as local mobile chiropractic in Orange County, CA. She specializes in Active Release Techniques which helps to restore proper movement patterns by decreasing scar tissue in the affected area. 

Writing recipes, not prescriptions

My life's mission

To educate you on the power of eating plants specific to your goals. This isn’t just about giving you a meal plan, this is about giving you the knowledge to be successful on your own.

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