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Former elite athlete turned doctor

Dr. Peacock’s mission is to guide her clients back to their body’s innate healing capabilities through plant based nutrition, reduction in environmental toxin exposure, and other lifestyle factors. Her passion is in educating her patients on creating a sustainable, holistic lifestyle that fits their goals. She highly advocates for a plant based diet because research has proven this diet to be the most effective at reducing inflammation and restoring optimal health. Stephanie works with her clients in reducing their exposure to toxins in the environment, and opening up the body’s detoxification system through lifestyle factors alone.  
She personally experienced 10 years of gut dysbiosis, toxin overload, and unexplained symptoms that confused many of the doctors she sought out. She decided to become her own advocate and through her research investigations, discovered how our body can have clogged detox pathways and inefficiently filter out what we are being exposed to. She healed her body through lifestyle factors, opening up her detox pathways, and supporting her body through her anti inflammatory protocol.

Dr. Peacock started her journey in health and fitness through her collegiate swim career where she won a national title, broke 2 national records, won multiple US Open titles, and was the 2016 US Olympic Team Alternate. From there, she attained her  Doctorate in Chiropractic and did her residency at TrueNorth Health Center. This center is world renowned for being the largest water fasting clinic in the world. She supervised water and juice fasting patients, allowing her to now remotely work with patients on this. Fasting has become an integral part of her treatment.

Writing recipes, not prescriptions

My life's mission

To support and guide my clients back to their innate healing capabilities through plant based nutrition, reduction in environmental toxin exposure, and lifestyle factors. My goal is implementing  a foolproof system that allows my clients to tap into their body’s natural detoxing capabilities, support themselves through holistic practices, and flourish in a life they deserve.

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