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Stephanie Peacock, DC

Dr. Stephanie Peacock is a virtual holistic doctor with a focus on environmental toxins, plant based nutrition and gut health. After her own 10 year long health journey of experiencing “toxin burden” symptoms, she is passionate about bringing awareness to this topic. Stephanie believes in the body’s innate healing mechanisms, and her work involves guiding her patients to that place. She is also a licensed chiropractor located in beautiful Dana Point, California. She delivers mobile chiropractic straight to your home.

Food is information on the cellular level

A plant based diet is full of the nutrients, fiber, and vitamins that the body needs to thrive. This is why jumping into a “detox” regimen can be harmful. The body needs the nutrients from plant foods to stimulate the healing process.

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Virtual Consults

Reduce your toxic burden through supporting the body’s natural detoxification system with nutrients. Learn how to live a low toxin lifestyle. Incorporate plant based foods with my personal recipes and individualized meal plans. Find relief from your chronic symptoms. 

Plant Based Consults

Are you looking to incorporate more plant based foods or dial in your already vegan lifestyle?  As a former Olympic athlete, I provide consults for those looking to up their nutrition game. Personalized meal plans, macronutrients, and training plans available.


3 to 5 day water fasting or fasting mimicking diet to allow for reset and autophagy. After a thorough health history, blood work review, and assessment we will work together in creating a plan for you. 

Mobile Chiropractic

Delivering comprehensive assessment, spinal manipulation, and soft tissue therapy (ART) to your home.

What people say


I found Stephanie by following #wfpb on Instagram. What a world we live in! I have been living with Crohn’s disease for 11 years and am one year into a new treatment style without any medication. I came to Stephanie in a flare that I could not get myself out of. By our third session she had determined by reviewing my food journal that I should try going on a low histamine diet. After incorporating specific teas and beginning a low histamine diet I saw a huge improvement in symptoms overnight. I was amazed at Stephanie’s depth of knowledge and ease at which she could explain new and complex terms to me. I am excited to continue working with Stephanie through check ins and continuing to visit her Instagram.

Briana Stimmler

Working with Stephanie was a joy! She was very committed to my healing journey and provided a detailed plan with her support, to keep me on track. After just a few weeks of working with her, I noticed a significant improvement in how I felt. I had more energy, less brain fog, and felt more hopeful for my continued progress after a 2-year journey of feeling discouraged. I encourage anyone going on a health journey to consider Stephanie as your coach.

Camille Attell

Stephanie has changed my life. I have worked with many nutritionists and dieticians but no one compares to her. She has given me the tools to find health, weight loss and maintain my athletic goals. Stephanie doesn’t just tell you what to do, she educates you every step of the way. She is always there to answer questions and really makes this lifestyle specific to your needs. I enjoy all types of foods including, “BLTs”, mac and cheese, alfredo and pizza! She tailors to what you enjoy and really makes committing easy. Since beginning my journey I have gone from 148lbs to 136lbs and never once been hungry. I even get to enjoy take away twice a week! Not only have I experienced weight loss, but I also have clearer skin, better digestion, healthy nails and hair, unlimited energy and have been surpassing all my athletic goals.

Monique Dallaire

I first saw Dr Peacock on chef AJ. I hired Dr P to help me gain weight, as the vegan diet was new to me and I was lost. She taught me about making sure to include in each meal some fat, carbs, and protein. All these together help with weight gain while maintain healthy levels of blood sugars through the fiber content in foods. Dr P also taught me, through personal training at the gym, how to properly lift weights for muscle gain. She emphasized that a calorie surplus is necessary in order to gain weight and build muscle. I’ve learned a lot from Dr P., things like purity tested foods, the Berkey filter for my water, and organic materials when buying towels/sheets. I’ve been able to gain weight with her teachings and know exactly what is needed for maintenance. Oh, and her recipe for sweet potato soybean curry soup is yummy!

Liza Fernandez

If I could give Dr. Peacock 10 plus stars, I would. I have been to many chiropractors around the world and she is by far the best! I have never had anyone help me with my neck and jaw issues and give me so much relief.I have referred quite a few people and they all sang her praises. Book an appointment, you will not be disappointed!

Carol Deliso

Dr. Peacock treated my head and neck aches in August of 2020. To date, I am totally headache free and I have full rotation of my neck. If you are lucky enough to book an appointment, then I guarantee that you are very blessed. She is lovely, kind and very knowledgeable!

Barbara Pounders

Dr. Peacock is a marvel. In two short sessions she eliminated pain I had for years. She is smart, holistic, funny, and very easy to be around. An intuitive healer I highly recommend.

Holly Sorensen

I’m not one to open up to Doctors, but with Dr. Peacock it was very easy for me to open up to her about Life Long Pain that I thought had no solution! She is very knowledgeable in her field. With Dr. Peacock she doesn’t just see her patients as patients she really gets to know them and follows up to make sure everything is getting better!

Aspasia Daniolos

She takes time to understand the whole person–diet, lifestyle, pain, history, and yes, one’s own experience. Dr. Peacock, was able to isolate the underlying chronic issue and treat the cause through both chiropractic and intense movement therapy as well as encouraging me to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

Allen Burch

5 Stars are not enough!! Dr. Peacock is professional, caring and has a wonderful disposition.

Lori Cipressi

Dr. Peacock is amazing and very knowledgeable in her field. Very bright and easy to talk to with a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Just by talking to her will make you feel better and give you the courage to face your fears and set a plan in place that is achievable. If you are serious about your health then look no further you have found the right person to help.

Deidre Gilchrist

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Peacock!! After years of chronic pain that started as an acute injury, she provided me with so much relief and healing in only a few sessions. I am now pain free! I have seen 5 chiropractors over the years and Dr. Peacock is hands down the best. 10 out of 10 recommend.

Sara Bessman




Learn strategies to fuel your body optimally using a plant-based diet while performing at a high level. Maximize recovery and perform better.
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So you've decided to adopt a plant based diet, what next? Learn how to choose foods that best fit your lifestyle.
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Learn how to grow micro greens from start to finish. Empower yourself to grow nutrient rich superfoods at home.
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Writing recipes, not prescriptions

Stephanie Peacock, DC